Approaching change through
networked thinking – current topics

  • Note

    New modules are published at irregular intervals.

The world is in transition, and to some extent in upheaval. Society is faced with diverse problems and challenges. The theme Networked thinking and action – mastering complex problems conveys the basics of managing complexity in transition.

In contrast, the theme Approaching change through networked thinking – current topics, takes a look at news and examples. In all associated modules, value is placed on a holistic perspective. As a starting point, students receive sound information as well as leading questions, which they use to conduct research, think through situations and sometimes develop actionable approaches.

This allows students to holistically form an opinion on current topics and recognize short-cut approaches being discussed by politicians and the general public. At the same time, they learn to question short-cut approaches in a sound manner and classify them in a broad context. In this way, the young people practise networked thinking.

Unlike the other themes on the Approaching Change Through Networked Thinking platform, the content of this theme is not final. Instead, modules on various topics will be made available over time.

  • Module 1: Are electric cars environmentally friendly?
  • Module 2: CO2 compensation: Can you fly climate neutrally?
  • Module 3: Self-driving cars – realistic and reasonable?