How do we want to shape the future?

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    These modules will be developed and uploaded to the website in 2019 (in German).

What does a sustainable society look like? To answer this question, the theme on intergenerational justice and sustainability provides a foundation and clear evaluation standards.

How can sustainability and intergenerational justice be put into practice – that is the topic in the theme How do we want to shape the future? The students work out basic higher-level approaches to individual societal issues. As a starting point they receive sound information as well as leading questions.

All modules are based on a holistic perspective. This approach helps students develop goal-oriented ideas instead of solutions that only address symptoms of the problem. A wide range of competencies are taught and young people are encouraged to raise questions, to find their own way, to reflect – and to practice networked thinking. Students also practise handling projects.

The teaching modules

  • Module 1: What might an intergenerationally just and sustainable economy look like?
  • Module 2: What might a sustainable energy supply look like?
  • Module 3: What might a sustainable traffic system look like?
  • Module 4: What might a sustainable and intergenerationally just environmental policy look like?
  • Module 5: What might an intergenerationally just system for pensions look like?
  • Module 6: What might an intergenerationally just fiscal policy look like?
  • Module 7: What might an intergenerationally just education look like?
  • Module 8: What might an intergenerationally just voting system look like?
  • Module 9: Is sustainability possible without a global population policy?
  • Module 10: How could the world be made equitable?
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